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DBHPS introduces the Hindi language to the people, and its aim is to spread the language in the south india.
Much before independence i.e, as early as 1918, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, aimed at the need to unite the northern & southern states of the country in the greatest interest of integration of the nation. Therefore he founded the Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha at Madras, as Hindi was spoken by the largest section of the people of India. Mahatma Gandhi was the life time President of this institution.

Nearly 10 Years the Allahabad Saghithiya Samelanam campaign hindi in south india. Mahatma Gandhi wanted south indians themselves to have a hindi campaning sabha, so in 1928 he started DBHPS and till 1947 he was the president of the sabha. Mr.Pandit Harihara Sharma, Mr. Motturi Sathya Narayana, Mr.S.R.Shanthri, Mr.S.Chandra Mouli were General Secretary and they were administering the sabha. During Thiru.Vembuy Anjeneya Sharma's period the sabha was upgraded to the university level.
In 1936 Central Chennai Sabha was divided and the administration was given to the respective regional languages and In 1936 Tiruchi became the Head office for Tamilnadu branch.

We acknowledge the services rendered by Pandit Avadhananthan for his able adminstration ship and having a own building for tamilnadu sabha. His predecessors Shri. Roguvara Dayal Mishra, Thiru. G.Krishnamurthy have worked hard for this sabha. Tamilnadu sabha will also not forget the services rendered by the secretaries
Mr. G.Subramaniam,  Mr.P.N.Krishnasamy,  Mr.S.Chandra  Mouli,  Mr.D.Thangappan, Mr.R.S.Radhakrishnan, Mr.V.Justin Jegathisan, Mr.O.Suruli, Mr.J.S. Ramadoss. Today nearly 8000 hindi campaigners both in villages and cities working hard.

In a Year twice Tamilnadu Sabha is conducting hindi exams, Higher exams are conducted by Chennai Central Sabha. There are 350 examinations centers. Prathmic to Praveshika are conducted by Tamilnadu Sabha. Visavath, Pravin, Nisthath, Hindi typewriting, Hindi shorthand are conducted by Chennai Sabha. In higher exams regional languages like Tamil, Telungu, Kannadam, Malayalam are taught compulsory.

To develop the Hindi campaigning in Tamilnadu following branches are functioning. So that Hindi campaigners, Public, Students are getting necessary information easily.

Pondicherry, Karaikal, Neyveli, Cuddalore, Salem, Vellore, Coimbatore, Karur, Madurai, Tutocorin & Nagarkoil. In all 11 cities Sabha branches are there. By availing subsidy from Central Government 111 Mahavidyalayas, 75 one teacher Vidyalayas, 300 part time Vidyalayas are functioning in Tamilnadu.
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